Thursday, December 18, 2008

shoes, shoes, wonderful shoes

Can we talk about awesome shoes for a minute? I have been craving to get some incredibly hip shoes, but always hesitate when I think about the occasions when I would actually wear them. Besides, sometimes its more fun to dream about them than commit to just one pair. So here are some new finds: 

1) Beverly by Remix

2) Fly London Sally Pump

3) Sandal by Remix Vintage

4) Ribbon Tie Ballerina from Toast

5)Suede Brogue also from Toast

6) Candela Tassle Oxford found at Urban.

Any favorites? I actually think I would wear the last three more regularly. And the top ones are AMAZING. Shoes are fun, and it's better to covet from affar. 


Jessica said...

I like the green & white ones.

PS, if that is your Christmas tree in the upper right corner, it is AMAZING!

Laura said...

wish it was... but its not. =(

Kate said...

love the top ones