Wednesday, December 3, 2008

morning art musings on the blogosphere

Good morning. I have been having so much fun exploring the blogoshpere. There are so many great finds out there, and its exciting to follow a wormhole of links through other peoples blogs and come across a great find. This morning I've come across this great photo blog. Take a look. This kind of exploring makes me feel very creative and happy. 

I don't know how you feel about Andy Warhol, but I've always had this love hate relationship (sorry Jill- the cat's out of the bag). I really don't like his pop art. I understand what he's doing and I appreciate the movement, but I really don't like it. But I really love his commercial art.I love the loose pen drawing and color blocking with watercolor. During the 1950s Warhol worked as a commercial artist in New York illustrating fashion spreads and a number of children's stories. What do you think? 

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