Wednesday, December 10, 2008


These past few weeks I've been so happy and grateful for my life. I think this past year I've been living is such a way that brings me worry, stress and dissatisfaction. For some reason recently I've been able to let it all go and just started to learn to be happy and content. I still worry about being good enough for school and finding a good job, but when I'm at home making food or cuddling with Aaron, all those concerns wash away. I've just been realizing how secondary all that other stuff is. I hate to admit these things sometimes because its sounds so housewifey, but I know I'll always work and be independent. I think I'm just allowing myself to completely enjoy those things that are separate from my intellectual life. Here are some things that have brought me joy these past few days:

-yummy tiger shrimp at salpicon

-homemade clothes... I really want a sewing machine.

-hank and lainey getting along

- these earrings that I won!

-The Lord of the Rings. I watched the final movie last night and got inspired to read the trilogy over Christmas Break

-Christmas Break!

-Aaron, Katie, and Mom and how well they get along

-Feeling at home finally

-Working for hours and feeling like I've accomplished something

-hope for the future

-Grace Chicago and the new friends we've met there

Ok so I don't usually get this personal in my blog, but I felt compelled to share. Tell me some things you're thankful for. I love Jessica's blog because knowing what makes her happy makes me happy too. You should do the same!


Jessica said...

Thanks for the shoutout! I want a sewing machine too, really bad.

thedrifterandthegypsy said...

ahhh. i can't wait for christmas break either...1 more week though...about...