Monday, December 15, 2008

cold days and children's books

Today is the coldest day yet. I went out to grab a coffee with a friend and it hurt to breathe as I made my way across the ice to the train- and yesterday it was 45 degrees. That's Chicago for you I guess. I'm so happy to be on break. I can spend time wrapping gifts, cooking, and all that other wonderful homey stuff that falls to the wayside during school. 

I went shopping for children's books today for my niece and nephew and had such a hard time deciding. There are so many that I remember as a child that brought such magic to my imagination. I want to give that to them. I think its exciting but I'm sure we're just the boring aunt and uncle who bring books on Christmas. Oh well- thats the justice of childhood.

I settled on The Velveteen Rabbit by Margaret Williams and Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss for Isaak, and Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans for Annika's first book from us. 

Oh how I loved The Velvetten Rabbit. I felt so much for the toy who just wanted to be loved by his boy. I was always a little to empathetic towards my own toys and animals, to this book really struck a chord with me. It's definitely a favorite. One year my sister and I were given stuffed velveteen rabbits; a girl for Katie and a boy for me. I used to get mad when Katie always got the girly stuff because I was labeled early as a 'tomboy,' but was so happy with this gift because he was more like the rabbit I had know in the book. Oh Christmas! Makes me so nostalgic.


Kate said...

ah the velveteen rabbit. such a great story. sorry for always making you be the boy.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh i love the velveteen rabbit. that was my absolute favorite book in the whole world when i was a kid.