Wednesday, December 17, 2008

morning dose of keri russell

Good morning. I have much to do today including getting my hair cut. Hope it goes well- will update later. 

I came actress some pics of Keri Russell today and decided to share my obsession with her. I spent too many hours watching Felicity in high school, and then re-watching in college. I really loved that show and feel like I know Felicity. Yes I own the seasons. So what? I like it. 

Now every once in a while I see pics of Keri Russell and remember how much I loved the show, but am also reminded of how much I love her. She seems sweet, stylish, and is such a cute mom (it seems). Any other Felicity friends out there? I kinda want to curl up right now and watch a season. Jill... I believe you have some discs to send me. 

my heart still flutters when I see Ben and Felicity together. Oh so lame. 


Jill Batdorf said...


but how much i enjoy having 2 seasons here so when i get lonesome i can curl up and watch it, and think of how this brought us so much closer together....

was that a good guilt trip?

...i'll get in the mail =(

Nicole said...

OH! How funny! I just started re-watching the first season of Felicity on Sunday. I watch it while I run/walk on the treadmill. I agree-Keri Russell does seem like she would be so nice. Like someone you'd want as a friend.

JONathan GARDA said...

I agree. one day i will higher her.

Kate said...

i would like to claim credit for introducing you to felicity. she was the obsession of me and my high school friends senior year.

have you seen that move waitress with her in it? it wasn't a great movie. but she's as cute as ever.