Thursday, December 26, 2013

wish list

I didn't really want anything for Christmas - didn't even have a wish list for my own shopping this year. I've been so focused on the little guy, and my life is pretty simple these days (very little entertaining or places to dress up for) that my amazon cart is usually filled with developmental toys or baby pjs the next size up. However I did start to take a look around for post-holiday sales. Unfortunately this has lead me to non-sale completely useless items that now top my wish list. For example, aren't these nesting dolls so great?

And this poster? Love.

And oh isn't the right time to get a 2014 Marimekko Calendar?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

new tastes, new textures

As Levi is just coming up to his 5 month birthday, I've been in no hurry to introduce solid foods. He's been feeding so well, never seems hungry and is happy as is. He's been switching between bottle and breast very well and I've established a good supply. Why rush any changes? Inevitably though right at 4 months I started getting questions about introducing foods. From the pediatrician to family members- everyone wanted to see this guy with food smeared across his face. I was going to resist until he seemed ready.

In the meantime I started looking into feeding philosophies- mostly by accident. I had assumed that we'd just puree up some sweet potatoes and start there. However the more I looked around, I stated seeing information about baby-led weaning. This emphasizes the role of the baby to choose, pick-up, and taste foods as he wishes, as eating in the first year is more about experiencing tastes and textures than nutrition. What's more, new research has shown that when babies choose their own foods, they tend to eat a more balanced diet than that selected by parents. I liked the idea of letting Levi explore foods on his own time, offering larger chunks that he can pick up and taste (but too big to choke on).

Still, I was in no rush. Then, yesterday, as we were sitting down to eat, Levi was grabbing at things on the table in a more intentional way, and watching us eat very intently. So, it just seemed right to offer him something too.

I gave him chunks of avocado and an apple slice. He liked licking the avocado, but loved sucking on the sweet apple. No surprise there! His first food experience was fun, not messy, and pretty successful I think!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

four months

This has, by far, been the best month yet. Levi has always had so much personality, but it has really been shining through the past few weeks. In my last post I shared how sleeping and nursing has started to really even out, and that has persisted, for which I am so thankful.

This past month Levi has started to roll from tummy to back (just enough to let us know he can do it- but he seems to only surprise us with it occasionally). He's also started to really enjoy sitting, and can hold himself up quite well with a little assistance. Because he loves to stand so much, we got him an activity saucer, and it is such an amazing experience to watch him independently choose what he wants to play with, rotating to what interests him most. He sleeps from 7pm to 6am in his own crib with one feeding wake-up each night (though he may sleep a little longer if I bring him to bed with us at 6), and he's become a speedy little eater. He naps well most days- not on a schedule- but we fairly consistently get two morning naps and one afternoon nap averaging about an hour (though ranging 30 mins to 2.5 hours).

He smiles and laughs constantly and has such a wonderful nature. He loves his walks (now they're night walks, since it gets dark so early), being lifted up high above our heads, nurse time with mom, songs and books, and chatting with dad. I know he can't talk yet, but sometimes I swear he's saying 'hi.' Though we very rarely leave him, wanting to soak up all the time we can, Levi is so content to play by himself in his crib or on his play gym. He loves the toys he can grab, but can be just as content looking at his fascinating hands.

He hates his carseat and having to wait any time to eat. Even switching sides nursing can prompt a squawk of discontent. Other than that I can't think of anything that makes him upset. However I'm starting to notice that if we have a lot going on or are around a lot of people, he needs that quite time away with me. A few times recently when he's gotten upset (i.e. shots) when I've held him he's become instantly comforted. I feel more bonded than ever. I was worried that working full time would impact that, but we seem to have had no problems.

He had his well-baby visit yesterday and weighted in at 15 lbs 2 oz and a tall 26.5 inches. He's a tall lanky boy like his Grandpa Winn and Uncle Nick. I can't believe how blessed we are to have this beautiful baby who is so healthy.

I've been feeling much better too- nothing like more sleep to help you feel more like yourself. After some brief concern as I went back to work, I've really had a lot of success establishing a strong milk supply, another thing that I can only be thankful for. It was one of my biggest stressors for weeks. When I don't have work to finish up in the evenings, I take advantage of Levi's new found consistent sleep schedule to take the time to run errands, clean up, and generally get things done. We've fallen into a nice schedule at home, and it has made me appreciate routine more than I ever have before.

This sweet boy has brought so much joy to our lives. I'm so excited to share him with his loving family for the holidays. So much to be thankful for.