Tuesday, December 2, 2008

tonight's distractions

Well this evening is another working evening... so much to do for finals. But Christmas break is a nice reward. And I have a nice thing going here at my desk. Candle burning, down pillows behind my back, chai tea with milk, and currently The Wes Montgomery Trio plays. I've been locking Lainey in the room with me so she feels wanted. Hank is a demanding little boy and I want her to have alone time with mom. 

Anyways... check out this album I'm listening to (song: track 2 "The End of a Love Affair"):

What are some things on your Christmas wish list? Anything special you hope Santa will bring? I'm wanting these shoes. Might be a long shot but I'll keep my fingers crossed!


Jill Batdorf said...

glad to know you're spending quality time with each kitty... and that you haven't forgotten who your favorite is. you will be an excellent mother.

Laura said...

Aw. Thanks Jill. What's on your Christmas list??

Kate said...

forgive me but...if you have to lock the cat in the room with you, doesn't that indicate that she's not exactly starved for attention?