Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are: a good listen.

I went to see Where the Wild Things Are over the weekend and had mixed feelings. I think I was expecting something else. I expected to feel nostalgic maybe, or even happy. I felt the opposite. Not because the movie wasn't good- it was very good- but it was disturbing to me and very sad. I wanted a cathartic scene between Max and Carol. I wanted Max to change somehow. I think he was glad to be home- but I also think he's going to flip out again the next chance he gets.

What I really found interesting was that the wild things were not scary because they were monsters. They were scary because they were so child, no, human-like. Their relationships were broken. They were selfish, moody, and prideful. They could love, but at any moment they could snap and eat you, or worse, disappoint you.

Anyways, I really love the feel Spike Jonze was able to portray. It was very dreamy, but not unrealistic. I think the movie was greatly helped by the soundtrack, something I can't stop listening to at work. I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy Karen O And The Kids.

Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

vegetarianism and jonathan safran foer

In the past few months my vegetarianism has been in limbo. After meat eating in Europe I've certainly fallen off the wagon, and I haven't really felt too bad about it. When I do eat meat, its usually in small quantities and infrequently spaced. I'm not really sure how I feel about it. I still feel the same way about eating meat- the implications for the environment, the treatment of factory farmed animals, and health benefits- are still important to me. But at the same time, I don't think some sampling every now and then really negates those things. And yet, if I can't stick to this, can I really stick to anything I believe in?

I came across an article by Jonathan Safran Foer in The New York Times Magazine Food Issue. He is one of my favorite authors, writing the beautiful works, Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. He's coming out with a new book called Eating Animals, and this article is adapted from it. Yes its about not eating meat, but really its about his family, perspective on life, and the importance of living by what you believe. I've never been one to push eating habits on to others, and my recommendation to read this article is no exception. I just really loved it, and wanted to share.

"Against Meat: The Fruits of Family Trees," by Jonatha Safran Foer.

"When I was young, I would often spend the weekend at my grandmother’s house. On my way in, Friday night, she would lift me from the ground in one of her fire-smothering hugs. And on the way out, Sunday afternoon, I was again taken into the air. It wasn’t until years later that I realized she was weighing me..." read more

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

winning friends

The weekend before last Aaron and I hosted our first party. Originally it was intended to simply return the favor to a co-worker who hosted us young people at my job for dinner at his place. So Aaron and I decided we would tempt them down to Dorchester with wine and cheese. We thought a dinner party would be too expensive and complicated for a larger group, and a nibbling party would be a bit more social.

Well a trip to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods later, we learned that wine and cheese is in fact very expensive indeed. But the party was definitely coming together. I invited all my co-workers and Aaron invited a few of his. We had about 10 guests and I think they had a great time. I forgot to take pictures (eek) but we had quite the spread of nuts, meats, 5 cheeses (so good!) fruit and four wines. We had way too much and are still eating cheese over a week later.

We realized that just about everyone we know in Boston, save two, were in our apartment. Kinda sad. I was happy that we were being social, and could have a party two and a half months after relocating. But our circle is still pretty small. I have been making friends at work, but I miss real friends who you can actually relax with. 

I went to Chicago over the weekend to attend Caitlin's bridal shower. It was so great to see her and it reminded be how much I'm missing. Most of my friends have left Chicago and the few who remain have plans to leave. I suppose nothing can prevent this post-college shift away from that network. I just feel like I need a friend action plan. How does one meet people and make friends? I usually don't warm up quickly with people anyways, so starting from scratch is a challenge. Any helpful hints?

maybe more parties...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Apartment Update: Record player

When Aaron was in high school he had a nice little collection of records. Many of them he acquired from my mother who got them from her brother Bill. There's a lot of weird disco, but also a lot of other great albums. When we moved to Boston Aaron's parents drove our things from Illinois to our new place. This provided Aaron's mom the opportunity to bring EVERYTHING Aaron had left in their house from growing up with them. This ranged from a few toys, to old school notes, to some of his brother's yearbooks. Small price to pay for all their help. She also brought the records.

I really like the idea of records. Sure they sound suboptimal, but I think the cracking and popping adds charm. So we began our craigslist hunt for  record player. It took us a while to find the right thing, but when we did- wow the price was right. $35! It seems to work well, we just need a needle before we can test it out. We were going to put it in the dining room, but it looked so nice in the living room, thats where it resides.

I have been loving door sixteen. Obviously I'm not redoing a house, but she has such great taste I'm always inspired. And she has an enviable eames chair collection. Ho Hum.  

I'm in the search for some cool art for the dining and guest room. Any ideas?

Hosting our first party this weekend. Stay tuned.