Monday, May 14, 2012

Knoll Breuer Cesca Chairs

A few years ago I saw this chair and loved it, having no idea what it was. A couple years later I discovered my friends Leah and Bobby had one of them and I learned their name. Knoll Breuer Cesca chair. "Marcel Breuer is credited with the 1925 invention of tubular steel furniture, an idea sparked by the anatomy of a bicycle frame. The Cesca chair, named for Breuer’s daughter Francesca, combines shiny steel, natural caning and hardwood beech in a study of the organic and the industrial." I saw them again in Woody Allen's Manhattan. Had to have them.

In real life I either saw these chairs listed for exorbitant amounts of money, in the trash with a broken seat, or at thrift stores for a reasonable price but just sold. They were not in the cards. Then, last week, Aaron found a set of 6 on craigslist for $100! I emailed asking, "Is that for the set or a chair?" not believing it could be true. But it was. I swung by the next day and picked these little puppies up. The woman was like, "You were looking for these?" She had no idea. I really loved our other chars, but what choice did I have? I mean, look at the price I saw on today for a SINGLE chair! I should probably sell a few, but I feel like hoarding right now.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

lip sync

Why is lip syncing so funny? Here are two of my favorite music videos essentially because of the lip-syncing. They also happen to both be great songs.

Fiona Apple, "Not About Love". I laugh out loud every time I see Zack in the water.

Paul Simon, "You Can Call Me Al".


 I recently watched a documentary about the making of the album Graceland, and Paul Simon walked through the development of each song. He talked about the meaning behind "You Can Call Me Al," the superficial yet newly significant concerns of modern man and the importance of having someone looking out for you. He thought the above video was too light for the weight of the song. I'm still glad it exists though (despite my dislike of Chevy Chase).