Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Newport Folk Festival

I am so excited to go to the festival this year! There are perks to being in New England! I think I'm most excited to See Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, but Andrew Bird, Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros, the Avett Brothers and The Swell Season certainly have their draw. I hear the venue is right on the water, and if the weather is nice, its going to be a great time. Checkout the teaser below:
For a line up click here (we are skipping Friday).

listen: Jakob Dylan: NPR Tiny Desk Concert

NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts, my new favorite thing.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

other pieces of our delicious weekend

going green: ramps and fiddleheads

Aaron and I came across a fantastic produce market in Watertown over the weekend and went crazy over a few rare items we had not seen in person before, but only read about. These were ramps and fiddleheads.

Aaron was in charge of the ramps, making a sort of ramps pesto with lemon and parmesan.

I simply sauteed the fiddleheads (after a quick 2 min boil) with olive oil and garlic. They have a great earthy taste that was delish.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


This post is going to reveal how lame I really am. If I did have an iphone, I would totally go for one of these cases. But I don't have an iphone. It's like picking out a wedding dress when you're single. A little premature.

Anyway, check out Grove via Apartment Therapy.

apartment update

It's been a while since I gave an apartment update- and there have been some exciting new acquisitions.

1) Henny Ikea Blanket: I first saw this blanket over at The Brick House and new I loved it right away. Even though they don't carry it in the Ikea near Boston- they did have it at the Brooklyn Ikea I visited a few weeks ago. It looks great and is machine washable- which is a must with cats, as you can see.

2) Office Rug: Another Ikea acquisition. I have been holding off on blogging about the office until I file a little better about its progress- and I think its really coming together. Since it functions as an office, TV room, and dining room, we really don't need any other room in the house. Seriously, you could cut off the dining room, guest room, and living room, and we might not notice. As the Dude would, say, the rug "really ties the room together."

3) Lane Dovetail Side Table: We live by the BEST thrift store. I found this Lane Dovetail side table. They had two there, but one was seriously damaged dog chew marks. This one just needs a little refinishing. Despite being consistently sold on ebay for $200, I got this for $15. Thrifty! It might end up going to some friends who have the coffee table, but for now it works great as table in the office. I'll update once its refinished.