Tuesday, July 7, 2015

baby wearing

When I had Levi, I received a hand-me down Baby Bjorn that was in great condition and free, so I thought I was set in the baby wearing department. And he seemed to tolerate it okay. In the first month or so he'd fall asleep in it, and for our trouble sleeper, I figured that was a success. But he'd never let me use it at home or sitting down. Then it started hurting my back and by 6 months I was over it.

Now as I prepare for the next baby, I keep thinking I missed out on something by having Levi most often in the car seat (which is a nice break too!). I also know that with a toddler in tow, I'll need to be hands free. So I've been excited to explore baby wearing options this time around. I have a Baby Ergo and a Boba Baby Wrap ready in the wings. I'm also hoping to get a ring sling. I'm considering the Maya Wrap or the Wildbird Sling (pictured above). Any tips or thoughts?

Once baby comes, I'll let you know what seems to work best, though I expect they will each serve a different purpose. We'll see!