Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kanye "Champion" Video

This video is awesome. I guess I have a thing for puppets.

Monday, August 11, 2008

If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out!

 I love this song. By Cat Stevens, it was in the movie Harold and Maude, a movie that I love and would recommend to anyone. Aaron thinks of me when he hears this song because even though I have a horrible voice, I can't help but sing out. And I know he loves me because he loves it when I sing. So right now this song  is basically my mantra. 

If you Want to Sing Out, Sing Out - Cat Stevens

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crazy Weather in Washington DC

DC has some crazy weather. Aaron and I have been stuck in a sun storm. The sun was beaming down on the sidewalk, and as the rain fell it seemed to evaporate off the pavement. Today it drizzled again on me in complete sunlight. Right now a storm is rolling in, but it so patchy. When I stepped outside the sun was shinning, but the wind was blowing, the temperature dropped, and I could feel the mist from rain falling elsewhere. I can hear the thunder in the distance. I've been told that because of the ocean being close and being at a lower latitude, the weather is more tropical here. Storms come and go so fiercely, its impossible to predict. Weather like this just makes me excited. Its so interesting and unpredictable and grand. The scale is incredible- completely beyond man. I love it. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I finally transferred my photos from my old computer to my new one, and came across some great ones. 
Ozzie the dog. Poor guy. We took him for a week the intent to adopt. But despite his sweetness, he had a poop and deafness problem that we didn't the the tme to fix. Hope he's doing well

Not Katie's best day. 

Jill and at at the First Friday party at the Museum of Contemporary Art. We were being cats. Jill is much better than I clearly. 

Aaron being awesome as usual.


(our future view)

Aaron has always had the chance to live in great apartments. 1212 S Michigan was pretty awesome. And 1408, as many of you know, is a staple in our Chicago crowd. Aaron lived there for two years before we were married, and his friends always lived there. Many traditions have lived on in those walls. Owned by our friend Jon Binder's dad, it is now available. Aaron and I have been struggling to find a place in Chicago, especially since we have to live an a more expensive part of the city to have quick access to school without getting stuck in Hyde Park. Our friends Steve and James have been having a hard time finding a place too. So it was decided. We would keep the 1408 tradition alive. A PERFECT location in the south loop, all utilities included including internet, dish washer and in unit washer and dryer... it is amazing. I am a little nervous about having roommates though. Aaron and I will be a little separated form the other bedrooms, we have our own bath, and James and Steve are quiet and respectful. But it will be much different than were used to. It's only for nine months though, and its cheap, and Laney will love it. This apartment will never leave us... which is fine by me!