Thursday, November 6, 2008

President Elect

Tuesday night was quite a night! Congratualtions Barack Obama! Now it time to earn those votes! I had the privilege to go to the rally in Grant Park and hear Obama accept the Presidency (thanks Katie for your +1). What an incredible experience to be in my own city, blocks from my apartment, and be a a part of the candidate I supported to become president. I surely will never forget it. 

Next up- Al Franken. Can you believe the vote came down to 500 of more than 2 million? It should be recounted but hopefully the Franken will come out as victor. Minnesota- you can do it!


Jill said...

mn thanks you for your attention =) .... how sad i am that i missed the absentee ballot deadline...

but i'm REALLY commenting b/c i LOVE that pic of you and katie --- very flattering photo of you both!


Kate said...

thanks, Jill!

I just want to say that while Laura and I were in line to get into the rally, someone asked us if we were related because she thought we look alike. That was the second time in a week that someone has asked us that! We think it must be because of the bangs, because no one has really thought we looked alike throughout our lives.

Nicole said...

I agree-very cute picture of the two of you!
How exciting to have been there!! Thanks for sharing some pic's!

mateo said...

you look kinda tan, laura. it's november. get with the program.

Laura said...

Oh Matt- I am so with the program!