Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a few of my favorite things...

I came across this abandoned building in Hyde Park recently and now I try and walk by it every chance I get. Nestled among the houses right off of 57th street stands this immense domed structure that appears to have been abandoned quite some time ago. I wonder what it was used for. What did it look like in all its glory?I think I prefer it this way though, with graffiti littering the sides, chained up doors, broken window and leaves blowing about. It has mystery and romance this way. It reminds me of Miss Havisham's ruined mansion, Satis House, where Pip falls in love with Estella in Great Expectations or the abandoned villa where Jim, Judy, and Plato have a 'fantasy family' while hiding out in Rebel Without a Cause. I love this place whatever it is. 

update: I found some info on the building: it was a turn of the century Christian Science Church, St. Stephen's, purchased by a developer to tear down and build a condo building, but development has stalled due to neighborhood concerns

(the inside dome through the window)


Jill Batdorf said...

that is a very cool looking building.

but i'm really commenting because i love that one of the tags for this post is "awesome"

well put laura, well put

(and ps, i cracked up when i read your comment about felicity --- i didn't even realize it, but i'm so channeling her. lets hope i don't start wearing those nasty sweaters. god knows we sell plenty of them at jcp)

Laura said...

I love those sweaters! I definitely had a phase in HS when I tried to pull off those sweaters.

Nicole said...

I LOVE finding abandoned buildings and find that I have to restrain myself from going in to look around. Even when it's really old and looks like it would fall down around me. I love it!