Friday, November 21, 2008

labor pains begin

Since I've been in Chicago the fellas of 1408 have hosted a Birthday/Thanksgiving party, entitled Birthgiving. And tomorrow it occurs again. Matt and Ben celebrate their birthdays, Aaron makes a turkey and pies, and everyone eats. This year we live at 1408 so we get to host. I love this day. Friends, food, and holidays.

Old 1408 residents are coming in from out of town, such as Jon Garda: 

Here is the beginning of cranberry relish with orange,

and yummy veggies ready for roasting.


Anonymous said...

i will be there!

Anonymous said...

ps, when i first saw the title of this post i thought you were pregnant.

Laura said...

goodness no

Jill Batdorf said...

so sad i wont be there...

ps, i totally thought this was last week hence the text i sent you