Saturday, June 21, 2008


Our friend Steve has always wanted us to watch the show Lost. We waited to start until we arrived in DC and started at episode 1. Well it's been three days and we are already in season 2. This show is amazing and complex. So much is happening at once and there are so many layers.

I can't stop watching because I have so many questions that need answers. And they always tease by moving you closer to that answer but, in doing so you have so many more questions. I love it.

I could talk about it for hours. Any takers?


Nicole said...

I LOVE Lost!!! You'll always have questions!! It's really really good though!

I recently discovered that you can watch it online-which helps me a lot. Usually I miss it on tv and when I catch it, I sometimes miss little details/scenes so it's nice to be able to watch online (commercial free). Happy watching!

Elise said...

Ah! That's crazy! In Maine I started watching the first season of Lost too! It's great... I'm about halfway through... :) We should definitely talk.