Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last class with PC

This is Patrick Callahan. Today I had my last class with him. I took 'American Foreign Policy' with him during my junior and it put me on the path toward my career. The interactions of American foreign policy and the rest of the world was fascinating. Learning about the history of foreign policy through each president since Nixon showed me how the decisions of the past are still very much effecting us today and that there have been so many unintended results from those policies. Needless to say... I was hooked. I did an independent study with him in the spring and I just completed a course about the UN and world problems with him. He wrote my recommendation for graduate school.

I have to thank him for so much because without his teaching I may have had a very different path. So now is the time to sing his praises. He is always so funny and enjoyable in class. He facilitates great discussions that somehow always lead to insight. He's always able to bring the topic to a deeper theoretical level.

I always envisioned him as my secret advisor as I enter the IR field. He would be my brains when I had a question with no answer. And I can still contact him. But realistically this is the end of the road for us. I just wanted to introduce him as the person to whom I owe any professional success in the future. Thanks Callahan.

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