Monday, June 9, 2008

Lonely, Lonely

I went to my friend Matt Thompson's senior recital yesterday. He is a Jazz Studies major at DePaul with a focus on Saxophone. The performance in total was really great. Of course, being a Feist fan I really loved his performance of "Lonely, Lonely." This is what he said about the song:

"From Feist's album Let it Die (2004), this song ignores the strict rhythm of most pop and jazz tunes and invests itself more completely into the melody. The result is an intimate atmosphere that reflects the subject of the lyrics. The ambiguity of instrumental improvisation has something to offer the piece."

Well, one things is for sure. Matt learned how to talk music at DePaul. I really loved the performance and I loved to hear how Matt included the sax. I'm including a video I found online of a rainy day put to the song. The two seem to fit so well. Simple and melancholic. But I wish I had a recording of Matt instead.

p.s. Does anyone know how to include a song from your computer's library to a blog? I found some html codes but can't figure out how to insert my own file.

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mateo said...

i would hope the one thing that is for sure would be that i learned how to play music while i was at depaul, but whatever...

you gotta upload music on the internet somewhere and then html it.