Thursday, June 5, 2008

In my previous life I was definitely a soul singer

I think in my previous life I was a soul singer.

No I'm not a big black woman with a booming voice and palpable emotions of lost love, but I think I have the soul of one. About a year ago I saw a documentary about Stax Records, a soul label in the 50s and 60s (they also produced a lot the the black power funk stuff in the70s like 'Shaft'), and I was completely hooked. Otis Redding was a part of that group. His is a sad story to tell. Anyways, when I listen to this music I'm tempted to belt out the tunes, and I would if I had any voice at all. But I don't, and my bad voice is matched only by my desire to sing like they do. Hence, I was a soul singer in my past life

Take a look at these videos and I hope you'll see what I mean. Soul music is so simple but the emotions are so real. You can feel the heartbreak. First there is Otis Redding singing "I've Been Loving You..." I also included a clip of Aretha's "Think" from "The Blues Brothers" because its sassy and hilarious.


Kate said...

i'm trying to picture you as a soul singer. pretty hilarious. i love otis redding.

mateo said...

one more time!