Friday, June 6, 2008

2000 Ikea Catalog

In the past eight years a lot has changed. At about this time I was leaving Junior High and about to start High School. My source of income was babysitting and I still lived in my house on Perry Court. But I've managed to hang on to one thing from eight years ago. This ragged Ikea catalog. At that time I decided that I wanted to be an interior designer. While babysitting that summer I came across the family's 2000 Ikea catalog and for some reason I fell in love with it. I couldn't wait for Elaine to go to bed so I could spend my free hour or two flipping through the pages. Something about the style attracted me. It seemed grown up, practical, European, and very cool. And I loved the way they decorated the rooms pictured there.

Needless to say I acquired my own copy. I would go through each room of the house and choose exactly what I wanted, from kitchenware to flower pots. I had a number of notepads filled with my choices. It was very satisfying. I felt like I was set for life. I knew what I wanted.

Well I stopped wanting to be an interior designer and I've found new things that I liked. I've lost the notepads and Ikea no longer has the mystique it did when I first encountered it eight years ago. But I still have the catalog and it reminds me of all the feelings I had at that time in my life. I can remember how I would copy the pictures and try to make my room look the same. I spent a lot of time in there and it was like a haven. I even purchased an Ikea candle holder off of eBay... something I felt very grown up about. The bottom picture was my dream kitchen then. And maybe it still is. I'm glad I still have my 2000 Ikea catalog.


Elise said...

That's so funny you still having it! And that kitchen is beautiful... You have such good taste in everything!

jessnichol said...

Are you willing to part or share your 2000 catalog? I'm trying to locate the name of my bed I bought in 2000 since the stickers were removed and the assembly directions were lost. I also need to purchase missing pieces. Thanks!