Wednesday, March 18, 2009

much to hope for...

Aaron has been gone to DC and Boston for interviews the past few days, leaving me here to my own devices. Which has been pretty convenient actually since my time has been spent working on finals. But tonight he returns, and tonight I finish a paper to finish my school work for the quarter. Yay!

Aaron having interviews has been really great for us mentally. It offers the promise of future employment (ahem... salary) as well as potential locations for our life next year.  But all of his success reminds me of the lack of my own in the job search area. Aaron has a lot going for him that I might be lacking as far as professional experience and definable skills, but he has one secret weapon I'm going to try to use to my advantage. His career services person has been a wonderful help in making he's job search successful, and she has offered to help me as well. Oh, how I hope she can!

Lets hope for a safe return for Aaron, successful completion of finals, and jobs for the both of us! Here is Aaron before he left. Hopefully there will be more to smile about upon his return.


Anonymous said...

that picture is hilarious--i love you guys!

we found the best dc restaurant, hands down--granville moores. the chef beat bobby flay in a throw down for moules frites--mussels and fries. 2 hour wait unfortunately but it was worth it.

maybe one day you will live in dc, justin & i will visit again, and it will be a double date!

Laura said...

sounds excellent! (to both the meal and the double date)