Wednesday, March 11, 2009

damien rice = nostalgia

I was at work the other day and we were trying a new station on the sirius. It was a great station, and it kept playing Damien Rices songs. I'm usually someone who goes through a phase with a certain artist, and then it retires for a while. I hadn't listened to Damien Rice for such a long time, and when I heard his songs a rush of high school came back to be and my relationship with Aaron at that time. We cuddled to Damien Rice a lot. I think its important to remember those things from time to time to remind yourself of your history.  

Enjoy Rice's album 'Cannonball' from his album O, a favorite from the past.

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JONathan GARDA said...

oh yeah—well aaron and i went to the store to buy this album together. we held hands.