Friday, January 30, 2009

old lady at 22

So I found my first gray hair the other day. I'm only 22 and yet the promise of middle age seems just around the corner. I don't relish the thought of bad knees, bad skin, and changing metabolism, but I think I can handle this gray hair thing, I decided not to pull it out and go with the flow. I have distinct memories of sitting behind my mom pulling out her gray hair, with warnings to get it by the root. So Gross! 

I'm sure a gray head is a long time off, but maybe it won't be so bad? I always kind of liked salt and pepper hair. And if I had a choice I would take gray hair over old skin any day. So I think I'll hold off on the dyeing... at least for now. 


mateo said...

I had a small lock of white hair in 4th grade. I think it went away.

Laura said...

crazy man. do you wish you had it back?

alexandra said...

love your blog. xx