Sunday, January 25, 2009

first project

So clearly this was my first project, but I'm pretty happy with the results. I finished this scarf last week for my sister's birthday present but had to wait to share it until I gave it to her last night.

Even though its all just a simple knit stitch, I think the width of the scarf makes it cozy and nice. I used worsted weight peruvian highland wool in purple, but pulled from two skeins at once and used 15 gauge needles for a thicker knit. I hope Katie likes it! I had fun making it and was so happy with the outcome I think I'll make the same for myself. 


Jessica said...

I didn't even know about pulling from two skeins. I'll have to try that. How many did you end up using overall?

Laura said...

2 and a half

Kate said...

hey you're wearing my scarf in that picture! thanks for the gift laurie! i've already gotten a few compliments :)