Monday, January 12, 2009

blog block... the yellow treehouse restaurant

Despite all my goings on I've been experiencing blogger's block. I sit down and feel very uninspired. I need to get on the ball with my employment search for after graduation, and when I sit at the computer I feel compelled to do a little job search. One good thing is that my work load has been decreased this quarter by joining reading groups. I cannot believe I didn't utilize them earlier.

I came across images of a really interesting design of a restaurant in New Zealand today. The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant opened recently, and yes, it is a restaurant at the top of a tree! There seems to be only a few table and it looks to be a fantastic dining environment. Very cool.



Jessica said...

I just saw this on and think it is so cool!

My friend Jessica looked into getting married in a treehouse in Washington State. It's pretty cool.

Kate said...

I hope it's not bad for the tree...