Wednesday, February 19, 2014

everyday gold

(jewelry dish for my most worn)

I love jewelry but I tend to forget to wear what I have. I seem to always wear the same pieces, tossing on my same to-go items. What I love most about jewelry is that you can keep little trinkets with you at all times. I guess that means I'm a little sentimental, but if I can be sentimental with a little ring or locket, I suppose that's better than an attic full of keepsakes. Though I'm probably headed in that direction now that I'm a mother.

There are a few things I've worn every day for years. It is so hard to image ever changing that, though I'm sure I will. I'm sure the things I'm sentimental about now will go to the backseat with the first department store mother's day necklace chosen by Levi.

I also love how jewelry can tell a story. Unlike clothing, you can wear if for years and years, and keep that story, memory, or trip with you. It makes for the perfect heirloom, souvenir, or gift that can take you back or keep someone who is gone close to you.

I used to wear a gold mini silver dollar my dad gave to my mom when they were newly married, but I thought I lost it. My mom thoughtfully offered this charm to replace it, carefully selecting a chain from a shop in Chicago to perfectly match the gold. She gave it to me for my 25th birthday the year she died. She purchased the charm in Sardinia when we lived there for a year when we were kids, and is an emblem from the island. It is one of the most special things I own. I did find the other necklace, so now I have both.

I also wear these earrings everyday without fail, unless it's some kind of special occasion. I don't even know where I got them, but I think they were a gift from my parents when I was in middle school. Possibly eighth grade graduation. I vaguely remember that they are from JC Penny or Target. I've had them for so long I feel naked without them on.

 (Western Electric Co. employee appreciation charm bracelet for 20 years of service to the company)

These next two pieces are new to me. My Aunt let my sister, cousins, and I peruse our great Aunt's Jewelry that was passed down to her over the holidays. The charm bracelet is an employee gift from Western Electric I'm guessing from sometime in the 1970s. There is a charm for 10, 15, and 20 years of service to the company, with the larger end charm a heavy gold with a diamond. I LOVE this bracelet. I love that a company designed jewelry as a gift for their employees. I love that people actually stayed at jobs for that long. I try to wear it as much as I can.

The second is a very cheap hammered gold pinky ring. It has little half moon impressions. I also took this from the Great Aunt's stash over the holidays. I had been wanting something just like it, but didn't even know how to go about finding it. So when I saw it staring back at me in the jewelry box, I snatched it right up. She must have had little fingers like me because it wouldn't have fit anyone else anyways.

I have lots of other favorites with sentimental value, but my other go to favorite right now is this little bangle from Madewell. Nothing special, but just my taste.

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