Wednesday, February 12, 2014

six months

I'm a week late on this post, but I've been thinking about it for a while now. I keep thinking, 'oh I need to include that in my post,' and as soon as I take note, Levi is off doing something new again. He has progressed leaps and bounds this past month. Everything has changed so so fast. He started the month hardly rolling, just starting solids, still needing a bit of supervision while sitting, and basically staying in one place when I put him down. He's ended the month with a hearty appetite for so many foods (sticking with all fruits and veggies at this point), sitting up for as long as he wants, dashing around in his walker, holding himself up standing, rolling around all over, and just beginning that pre-crawl scooch. We've gone from sleep regression to sleeping through the night (!) back to sleep regression (sigh). He's become such a mama's companion, loving to be held and carried by me. Naps in bed with me always result in his longest, most restful sleeps. He seems so much older than before. So much more in control. So curious and always the explorer. He loves interacting with books and joking around with us. He loves to splash and roll in the tub. Not only do I love him more than ever, I really like this kid.

The Deets at Six Months 

Levi is
  • 17lbs 12oz, 28in tall. He is average weight but in the 94th percentile for height. Skinny mini. 
  • Eating purred apple, pear, plum, peaches, prune, squash, sweet potato, zucchini, and peas. Eating cut up banana and avocado. He loves them all and prefers to hold the spoon (or drink from the bowl) himself.
  • 'Drinking' water from a cup 
  • Starting to get a tad clingy (which I secretly love)
  • Wearing 9 month clothes
  • Growing out of his infant car seat. After a lot of research, we just purchased the Britax Marathon G4 Convertible care seat.
Levi loves
I'm loving
Getting a handle on this working mom balance will forever be a struggle I think, but I so cherish the time I get to see Levi in the day, even if it means late nights. I'm looking forward to getting out more with Aaron this coming month, and seeing Levi crawl. Somehow I continue to love him more and more, and cannot wait for this next stage.

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Jordan said...

So sorry to hear that the sleep regression is continuing. :( Who would have thought that the sleep roller coaster would be one of our chief concerns! Praying that he settles into a good sleep routine soon...

Isn't it amazing how easy it is to make baby food! I love how it tastes like something even I would eat. The jarred food (which I do use on occasion when we are out and about) has a distinctly chemical flavoring. I haven't tried Reid on plums yet. Do you buy them fresh or do they come in a can? De-pitting the plum seems like a hassle, but maybe it's not so bad?