Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stonington/ Mystic excursion

When I was born my father was stationed in Connecticut. During that time my parents and sister lived in a quaint house on the tip of a Connecticut peninsula right in front of the Stonington Lighthouse. Now that I live in Boston, I have the pleasure of easily traveling to just about anywhere I want in New England, and today my destination was Stonington to see the house I lived in for the first two months of my life. The trip took only about 2 hrs. It was a snowy day, so I look forward to going back in the summer.

This was their house. My mom tells me how she read about this house at the local library, where she learned there was a secret smuggling passage leading from the house out to the ocean and ghost sightings.

This is the house down the street where my supposed god-parents live. They weren't home, but still live there.

Here is the point where my mother took us (mostly my sister) to play on the lawn and at duBois Beach.

Then Aaron and I drove to Mystic and ate at the famed Mystic Pizza. What a perfect day.