Sunday, January 24, 2010

other LA snippets...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I visited LA last weekend to visit our good friend Jon Garda. I liked LA a lot more than I thought I would. It had a unique kitschy quality that I didn't expect. I imaged an image-driven, shallow place. Instead I found great food, cool vintage shops, beautiful landscape, oh and did I say great food? I can't really imagine living there for too long with all of the driving, but it's definitely worth a visit. Funny thing- it rained two of our three days there. Sunny LA- Ha!

Here are a few highlighted moments:

Here we are at the Getty, looking over LA

There was great Mid-Century furniture shops. Here is my first vintage Herman Miller sighting. A big day in my life.

Pelicans roaming the Pier.

We went to a great arcade on a Pier where we played vintage games and redeemed our tokens for a "suprise" prize box. It contained random keychains, nail polish, whistles, etc...

Jon took us to the Farmer's Market where we ate amazing doughnuts and Crepe's. I would go to this outdoor food market everyday if I lived there.

Classic Hollywood fare

Protesters for Conan

And because it rained for a day and a half, the Valley totally flooded (notice the power line down).

If you haven't yet, skeptics like me should go to LA and be pleasantly "suprised."


Anonymous said...

are those real pelicans? they're so close to aaron!

Heather said...

So fun! Those pelicans are huge!

JONathan GARDA said...

hey. follow me.