Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soda Pop Stop

So Jessica definitely scooped me, but I still thought it was worth a post. Aaron and I visted our good friend Jon Garda in LA last weekend and he took us around to some of his favorite spots. One of them was the soda pop stop, Galco's, an old grocery store in LA that now specializes in old time and unique sodas. It was really quite an experience. The video below will tell you all about it (we saw that guy there too!).

Here are a few pics from our visit below.

And I agree with Matt... Mint Julip does tase like drinking double mint gum.

Unfortunately I'm not really a soda person, so some of the effect was lost on me. But the whole scene was pretty awesome, and I love that this one man is trying, and succeeding, at simply pursuing something he loves in his very own way. You can order by mail here, if you so wish.

Personally, I loved the cooler filled with candy.

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Jessica said...

awesome! i want to go there so bad!