Sunday, February 1, 2009

vintage travel posters

With the promise of a new apartment in August and a new start, I've been think a lot about how I might want my new place to look. I want modern but cozy, worldly but not esoteric, stylized but not contrived. So I might be sharing ideas I have from time to time more as a journal to remind myself later. 

I've been loving these vintage travel posters. They aren't exactly the expected art deco posters I've seen before, but more childlike. The bright bold colors would be lovely. 


Anonymous said...

and where will that new apartment be?

justin & i are traveling to dc by the way & would LOVE to have some suggestions for what we should see and do. he wants to go to a restaurant he saw on the food network and right now that's about all we have planned. we might fly out of baltimore so suggestions for there are welcomed as well! (actually if you make suggestions please email in case i forget to check back on this...or you might wanna make it a post, GOOP-style.)

Anonymous said...

ps when in dc i will be LOBBYIST for a couple days, no joke. for bicyclists.

Laura said...

so sweet! email coming....

Kate said...

we might go to Chamonix! it would be fun to look for posters while we are abroad this summer.

love the Air India one.

Anonymous said...

ohhh i love these too. and vintage movie posters even more. i have a bunch hanging in my room.