Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lainey by James Winn, with thanks to Donald Roller Wilson

I realized recently that I never shared my favorite Christmas gift. Well, it was Aaron's gift, but I enjoyed it was much as he did... and it's of my Lainey.

Aaron's dad is an artist and has made his living as a realist painter (find his work here and here). He departed this year though and painted Lainey in a style modeled after the work of surrealist painter Donald Roller Wilson. The top painting is Wilson's Kathleen. Here is her 'story' from his site: 

"Kathleen... seeing an airborne symbol... held in place by the father who was watching from his room in the tower... knowing the air, once warmed, would provide loft to Kathleen's thoughts - notes sent in bottles found on shores... prayers sent in bubbles through the heavens... (they were all one and the same)... 

Being sent... containing well wishes for the mother of Donald who, after all, had placed that tooth under his pillow during the night... "
This is Jim's painting of Lainey. I need to come up with a story for her. (thanks jon for the pic!)

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