Monday, February 23, 2009

current top 5

I asked a few friends to tell me what their top five favorite blogs were at the moment. Maybe I'm just curious about what others are reading. Hope you are too!

Jessica likes: 

iCiNG by galadarling

Caitlin likes:

Jon Garda likes:

and my favorites (so hard to choose!):

The Kitchen Sink (thanks aaron)

What are your top 5?


Anonymous said...

i love that you polaroided me!

i almost put design sponge into my top five. it was really hard to narrow it down, and i'm already doubting if i picked the actual top five.

Laura said...

i feel the same way. and yes- design*sponge is awesome!

Anonymous said... top 5 are probably:
here comes the sun
oh, bother
the stylish wanderer
daydream lily

Sammi said...

I LOVE The Sartorialist!!

my favorite =)

raymi lauren said...

aw jessica