Wednesday, June 17, 2015

time and changes

I know it's been a while. I miss the blog and want to give this one more go! I left facebook because I was feeling like my attention span was getting shorter and shorter, and just overall mentally distracted. But I miss the space to share. Of course, much has happened since my last post. A partially finished kitchen renovation (post to come), my baby grew into a talking, sleeping toddler, and another NC winter. The biggest update is that our new baby girl is due at the very beginning of August.

Due just one day before Levi's second birthday, we can't wait to meet her and have her join our family. Other than some nausea and tiredness in the first trimester, this pregnancy has been really easy, and I'm feeling very at peace about this next phase. I suppose given that we moved and Aaron started school when Levi was two weeks old, us having the ability to nest a little and just 'be' after the baby is born makes this time around much less stressful.

I'm happy to be back!

-xox Laura

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Jordan said...

And I'm happy that you're back! xoxo