Tuesday, April 8, 2014

eight months

Levi, I love how you smile and kick your legs when I walk in a room. I love that little cheerio face you've been making recently. I love how excited you are to see the cats walk by. I love that your favorite things to wave at are the fan and the cats. I love that you hate asparagus but eat it anyways. I love your enthusiasm. I love your smile. I love your smell. 

You're getting so big so fast. You're not a little baby I can rock in my arms anymore. I can't lay you down and leave the room anymore - you're across the floor in an instant. You're so fun these days. It makes me so excited for the future. Thank you for the joy you bring to your dad and I everyday. 

thank you Jordan for the beautiful picture.


Jordan said...

I love his big, bright eyes, his joyful spirit, his amazingly adorable wave, his smile from ear to ear, and his chunky thighs. He's a special one.

Mlou said...

Love, love, love that boy