Monday, October 14, 2013

nursery art

(Newport Folk Festival)

It has been really fun selecting art for Levi's room. You have a little more license to be whimsical and to choose bold colors - especially since we're going for primary colors with him (primarily red). I didn't have to buy anything new for him so far. We had some great concert/festival posters that needed hanging anyways, so that was a no brainer. They're fun without being baby.

(Chris Thile and Brad Mehldau concert for Aaron's birthday last year)

(Punch Brothers)

This little vignette includes a print from Dee Beale that I bought for our Boston place about 4 years ago, a penny that was ingested by my husband as a kid (and loving saved and framed by his parents) and a fun black and white graphic that reminded me of the "good morning to you!" song my mom would sing to us as a kid (and I now sing to Levi).

I've also been hanging on to this needle point by my grandmother for years. It was one of the few things my mom actually hung on to, but she never hung it. I was never able to meet my grandmother, so it's nice to include something of her's - particularly with the eerily appropriate message she included.

Finally we have gargantuan reindeer pelt. We bought this in Helsinki last summer and waited to hang it because- let's be honest- it can be hard to find a place to hang such an item. So why not above a crib? It's as good a place as any.

Then today I came across the Cosas Minimas print collection Blanca Gomez. I had looked at her work before but I think she has some new stuff that would be amazing in Levi's room. I like that her work reminds me of children's book illustrations for the 60s- for some reason. Of course the Helsinki print harkens to his Finnish heritage (my husband's mother is from Finland) and fits with the reindeer pelt.

And this one is a little Frenchy- which I like since we found out I was expecting a couple days before a trip to Paris. We were so baby happy on that trip- and all my memories reflect that. Of course the red works really well too for the room. Maybe a Christmas gift for Levi?  

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Jordan said...

I love reading about the history behind the art pieces! Above the crib is definitely the perfect place for the reindeer pelt.

I think that the Parisian balloon print is my favorite!