Thursday, January 17, 2013

another start

I clearly had a false start with getting this blog back up and running, and have thought a lot about whether I should still keep this up. I'm sure I'll have patches of "dark" again in the future, but recently there have been so many changes and things I see and want to share, it seemed like a good time to start posting again. There is a pretty big chance that we'll be moving later in the summer and have a baby to plan for, so there should be lots of good stuff coming up.  I feel conflicted about sharing too much on Facebook, so I'm hoping this will be a better space for that. As always I'll try to keep a good balance of personal and not, with my primary goal of documenting things that catch my own attention. I hope you enjoy.
*Image from our November Paris trip

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Catherine said...

I often debate whether to continue my blog too, I'm pretty sure we all do it. Welcome back! P.S. Love the photo.