Sunday, February 21, 2010


After the holidays we now have subscriptions to 5 publications. Which should be great news. I love to read books, but I also love a great article. I used to alternate reading the New Yorker and a book on the train to work. But these days, though we have more to read, I have less time. Driving to work means I have lost my commute reading time, and most weekends and evenings I am trying to catch up on a little work, while also logging a few hours a week at MIT. This means I relegate a few Sunday morning hours to the written word. Now Aaron comes home each day with some little tid-bit or story to tell from Harper's or the New Yorker. And it makes me sad.

So I must make a new commitment to READ before bed, and not allow Anthony Bourdain or The Wire put me to sleep. I can do this. Perhaps.

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