Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Wow- I can't believe I'm so behind in my blogging. I have so many post ideas backed up I don't even know where to start.

How about Halloween? Do you like my pumpkin? It's hard to tell but its a white pumpkin- so he has a ghost face.

Aaron and I decided to spend the day driving around the North Shore of Massachusetts (Oh I love you Zip Car). It's so great that you can drive 45 mins out of the city and you are in some cute small fishing town. Here is our trip in pictures:

We didn't get very far before we started noticing all the kitschy old signs on the highway. Its like nothing changed in the state since the 50s. Not that I really mind considering my mid- century dispositions. We were driving though so I missed a lot of good ones.

First we hit up Glouschester
not even the churches escape the fisherman's influence
when your name is Bob Whynott- you better just run for office
Our next stop was Rockport- such a beautiful town

Roy Moore's Lobster. Enough said.

our meal came from these crates- well, probably not, but you get the idea

And now we arrive in Essex
next to one of the many antique stores we came across an ancient graveyard. fitting for the day I think.

Then we went to Ipswich, but no pictures were warranted there. Sorry Ipswich. I did like you.


Nicole said...

AWESOME pictures! Your pumpkin looks like it was cute. I love the Rockport pictures with the water in the background & the houses on the...well, whatever it's called. (I'm a midwest girl.) They look like they could be bed & breakfasts.
Very cool.

Heather said...

Very cool. I am very impressed with all the exploring you have done.

mateo said...

i want to eat those lobsters...