Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are: a good listen.

I went to see Where the Wild Things Are over the weekend and had mixed feelings. I think I was expecting something else. I expected to feel nostalgic maybe, or even happy. I felt the opposite. Not because the movie wasn't good- it was very good- but it was disturbing to me and very sad. I wanted a cathartic scene between Max and Carol. I wanted Max to change somehow. I think he was glad to be home- but I also think he's going to flip out again the next chance he gets.

What I really found interesting was that the wild things were not scary because they were monsters. They were scary because they were so child, no, human-like. Their relationships were broken. They were selfish, moody, and prideful. They could love, but at any moment they could snap and eat you, or worse, disappoint you.

Anyways, I really love the feel Spike Jonze was able to portray. It was very dreamy, but not unrealistic. I think the movie was greatly helped by the soundtrack, something I can't stop listening to at work. I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy Karen O And The Kids.

Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack


steven + caitlin said...

i agree. i have to say, i didn't really like the movie at all. perhaps i expected too much from it. it was so strange to see childhood represented as the beginning of a probably very messy adulthood. you could practically see max on a couch as a young man throughout the entire thing. his imagination wasn't an escape, rather a projection of his hurt and confusion.

i read this review after i saw the movie and felt it hit the nail on the head for me.

all in all, it added yet another reason i'm afraid to have kids.


mateo said...

is that caitlin talking? maybe you just like that article because it favors an anime movie...

maybe a projection of his problems is a better way of dealing with them than escape. i loved the movie. though i agree, it might be more for adults. i'd have to get some kids' opinions.

Kate said...

what an astute observation, laura, that the monsters were scary because of how human-like they were. i haven't seen the movie but i have to believe that that characterization is dead on.