Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Its been a long hiatus from blogging... for good reason! About a week and a half ago I graduated from my master's program, moved from my home in Boston, put our belongings in storage, and embarked on a six week tour of Italy and France. We started in Sardinia, where I lived as a child with my family for over a year. Here we spent time with old friends and left my late father's cremains in the sea that he loved. Then we left for Rome to start our touring. And here we are.

I had been planning on posting pictures and keeping track of the trip on this blog, but internet access has been a problem for me, so my posting may be sporadic. I'll try to share when I can. Have a great summer and wish us luck!


thedrifterandthegypsy said...

ohh please do share! i'd love to see your photos from around the world. i'll travel vicariously through you!

Jessica said...

did matt tell you we bought plane tickets to boston?

randomanderson said...

I never knew you lived in Sardinia Laura! Now I feel like you're a complete stranger.. how could I not have known something like that having worked with you for a few years. I was probably too busy blabbing. Congratulations on graduating and I hope you feel at ease having put your father to rest. Best wishes - Emily