Tuesday, May 26, 2009

R. Buckminster Fuller, at the MCA

On Sunday I joined Joy, a friend, to see the exhibit, "Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe" at Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. Wow! I was totally blown away. I had never really heard of him before, and was fascinated by how far ahead of time this architect, mathematician, and visionary was. He was very concerned about sustainability, efficient design, and globalization. The exhibit included models of his 4d homes, domed structures, and sea cities. I was most compelled of the video of 'Bucky' standing outside on a windy day with a table of rods and connectors in front of him, explaining why the tetrahedron is the foundation of the universe. While there was a tinge of sadness in it all, as many of his ideas never came to fruition, no matter how hard he fought for them, I was also filled with hope. I am often coming across modular housing, sustainable designs, and alternative materials in my reading, and I now see how foundational the thinking of Buckminster Fuller was. If you're in the city, I definitely recommend going stopping by the MCA. The exhibit ends July 5th. 

Domed Pavilion for the World's Fair, Montreal. still in existence.

Bucky's world map, meant to eliminate distortion and emphasize the interconnectedness.

Here he is with a model of a domed home and foldable interior

most incredible I think is his idea to dome part of manhattan to reduce cost: universal climate control, eliminate snow removal, protect against pollutants etc...

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