Tuesday, August 5, 2008


(our future view)

Aaron has always had the chance to live in great apartments. 1212 S Michigan was pretty awesome. And 1408, as many of you know, is a staple in our Chicago crowd. Aaron lived there for two years before we were married, and his friends always lived there. Many traditions have lived on in those walls. Owned by our friend Jon Binder's dad, it is now available. Aaron and I have been struggling to find a place in Chicago, especially since we have to live an a more expensive part of the city to have quick access to school without getting stuck in Hyde Park. Our friends Steve and James have been having a hard time finding a place too. So it was decided. We would keep the 1408 tradition alive. A PERFECT location in the south loop, all utilities included including internet, dish washer and in unit washer and dryer... it is amazing. I am a little nervous about having roommates though. Aaron and I will be a little separated form the other bedrooms, we have our own bath, and James and Steve are quiet and respectful. But it will be much different than were used to. It's only for nine months though, and its cheap, and Laney will love it. This apartment will never leave us... which is fine by me!

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Kate said...

maybe we should celebrate by watching 1408 with jon cusack when you guys return