Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jim Henson


On Friday Aaron and I went to a few museums, one was the Freer, with beautiful Whistlers that inspired me. We also went to a Jim Henson exhibit. They had a number of muppets, sketches, and videos (including the ones below). I really enjoyed it and it made me happy that I haven't lost my imagination. This summer as been all about examining my future and deciding plans. It was so great to remind myself of what its like to be a child, or at least to enjoy child like things. His characters are so clever and funny, and I remembered how they charmed me on Sesame Street so many years ago. And his sketches made me think of Jim's (my father in law) cartoon sketches. Anyways, it was fun. Enjoy!



Elise said...

Oh that's really cool! How fun. :)

Kate said...

those wilkins coffee commercials are bizarre and hilarious.