Friday, September 19, 2014

Chef and the Farmer

 Vivian Howard and Ben Knight of Chef and the Farmer, from PBS website

I don't know why I haven't been writing lately- so much has been happening! Some good (Levi walking and sleeping through the night), some bad (plumbing woes and busy new schedule) and some great. Last week Aaron and I took our first night away since Levi was born. Our regular sitter who we trust so much offered to give us a night away as a birthday present a few months back. We finally took her up on it.

We've been watching this show on PBS called A Chef's Life. It profiles a chef from New York who moves back to her hometown in eastern North Carolina to open a farm-to-table restaurant. It features daily life in the kitchen and in NC, her farm suppliers, and a cooking segment. It's a great show and has really contributed to me liking it more down here. They even feature Maple View farms, the local dairy farm that makes the ice cream we love.

The restaurant, Chef and the Farmer, is about two hours from here in Kinston, NC, and not a kid friendly spot. So Aaron and I cleaned ourselves up, headed out Friday after work, and enjoyed the drive. The meal was incredible (wood smoked trout - yum!) and the town was fascinating - all boarded up, a time capsule from a different time. We hit up their oyster bar, The Boiler Room, first. That was real highlight. Never have I had oysters that tasted so fresh and crisp.

Then we drove back to Chapel Hill and stayed in a local hotel, slept in until 9, and grabbed brunch with friends. I didn't worry about Levi at all. He knows our sitter so well and is really an adaptable kid. However I was bouncing with excitement to see him as we drove home at 11 the next day. For the rest of the weekend we felt so relaxed and moony over Levi and each other.

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