Saturday, August 9, 2014

one year

About a week ago our Levi turned one year old. It seems our little baby is long gone, and an almost toddler has emerged. While he's not yet walking (so close!) he seems like such a kid, with his own agenda, mobility, and preferences. He's talking up a storm in his own little language, and quickly losing his baby fat already (hasn't gained much in the past few months) resulting in a very boy-like face.

We spent the day sticking to our normal routine - going to church, lunch at home. We did however host some friends for grilling and cake (vegan cupcakes for the babe!) and it was really lovely. I'll never forget the look on Levi's face when we sang Happy Birthday. It read, 'this is for me?? why, thank you!' I tried my hardest not to make a big deal of the day - he only opened gifts people sent him. I didn't decorate or buy a large gift. I just wanted to remember his face on that day, and not worry about the stress of hosting and planning a big thing. But it also seemed important to mark the end of this beautiful, challenging, awe-inspiring, exhausting, precious year.

I had been mourning the loss of the baby phase for the past few months, but now I just can't wait to see him walk, to hear him talk, and to teach him. I'm excited the experience the person he'll be, and help him along the way. Recently I've been showing him things around the kitchen, explaining what I'm doing or letting him help in some small way. He watches so intently and smiles wide when he sees he's doing what I'm doing. It makes me so excited for days to come as he learns to interact with this world in even more meaningful ways.

I'm so happy that I became this boy's mamma. I'm so ready for this next year. I'm so excited for the many years to come. I love you Levi Joseph.

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