Thursday, July 3, 2014

eleven months

I just can't believe my little boy is 11 months today. He has grown so much in the past two months (I was running so behind on the 10 month most, I decided to skip it). He is a happy, cheery, smiley, energetic, rambunctious, strong-willed boy. I can tell already he'll be a handful, but I think in the end what I'm going to love most about this person is his passion, strong sense of self, and energy.

These past couple months Levi has been on the move. He is a fast fast crawler, loves to cruise along furniture, and even took a few fleeting steps a few days ago. He's like a little energizer bunny, put him down and he's across the room in a second, if he wants to be. If not, he will cry in an instant, cry 'mamma' and hold his hands up. This boy's mood can change on a dime. He's also getting used to his five teeth, resulting in some biting (tough on this breast-feeding mom!) but we're through the worst I think.

He's developing such a great sense of humor - I love when he cracks up at something I would have never expected. I hope I never forget that sweet smile he gives me when I walk in a room.

Levi is a big eater - not slowing down on the nursing but also eating three large meals a day. He loves meat and veggies and savory dishes. Unfortunately we also confirmed this month that he's allergic to milk and eggs, so it will be a tough few years watching his diet like a hawk (his reaction to dairy really is quite scary!) but we're hopeful he'll grow out of it. Sleep also continues to be a challenge, but it's improving and Aaron and I are learning! He's finally fallen into a routine (nap at 9:00, nap at 1:00, and sometimes a later nap too), which I find really helpful.

It's been so fun this month to watch Levi learn- from baby signs (panting like a dog- too cute!) to toys (it was so sweet to watch Aaron teach Levi to use the Pound and Roll Tower), Levi is really catching on. He's also really begun to look to Aaron and I for different things, and it's so lovely to see him bonding with each of us in different ways. I am his comfort and quiet companion. Aaron is the lively playmate and king at naptime.

I love him more each day, and as I now begin to mourn the loss of this sweet baby year, I'm also so excited to continue to watch as he grows and comes into his own.

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Jordan said...

He's a special one, that boy. I love how you already see that all of the challenging aspects of a personality can be amazing strengths.