Tuesday, May 13, 2014

nine months

This has been a big month for Levi, and it's becoming so very clear to me that I no longer have a little baby. After army crawling for a few weeks, one day Levi decided he could crawl and pull himself up, and the rest is history. Now he's every where and so happy about it- under the table; up the stairs (!!); in the kitchen; to the bath. He's determined and mobile and we'll never rest again!

Levi also started clapping, which may be the cutest thing I've seen him do, got his first tooth, and started saying mama and dada. He started using a sippy cup, eating puff snacks, and just about everything else we give him. He loves all the ceiling fans in our new home and playing in the grass. It's also becoming clear that he's not such a good sleeper, which is a challenge. I'm trying to stay positive and patient, not get bogged down with advice and opinions, and follow my own instincts.

Levi has an incredibly happy disposition that I hope he never loses. I know Mother's Day is to appreciate moms, but on my first Mother's Day I felt overwhelmingly appreciative of Levi, and appreciative of being his mom. He's truly a sweet boy.

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Mlou said...

So many changes. I didn't know he could say mama and dada too. Exceptional