Monday, November 4, 2013

three months

I can't believe it has been three months since our little Levi was born. I was going to say that in the past month so much has changed, but really the past week has seen some significant milestones. In the past week Levi has finally ditched that nipple shield, begun sleeping longer stretches at night, and has moved into his big crib in his own room. He has a smile that is infectious, has just begun cuddling and sleeping in our arms (every once in a while), and has really started chattering away. He's finally started to cut those nursing times down too.

He really started to grow - it seems like every day I find a new clothing item to put away for the next baby. He has strong little legs too. He loves to stand on our laps, supporting his weight for as longs as he can until his knees bend, then muster up the strength to try again. He still loves to be outside, loves falling asleep while nursing, and loves his daddy. He smiles when he walks by and tracks him across the room. They have bonded so much during their week days together.

My favorite times with him are in the morning before work. He gets done eating and is in such a happy mood in bed with us. He looks right at us and chats. I also love that first nursing after work too. I finally get to hold him again and he either falls asleep in my arms in the warm afternoon sun, or is so distractible looking all around, he can't quite focus on the food.

We haven't imposed a strict schedule with him. He typically takes an early morning and mid day nap, followed by a longer afternoon nap. Every so often he'll take another evening nap. We let him sleep as much as he wants (which somedays isn't much) because it seems sleep begets sleep. He's been falling asleep awake in his crib or swing now, for which I am so grateful.

He's still as curious as can be with eyes scanning every which way. Now that he's found his voice, it's nice to hear him communicate in ways outside of crys. We're getting to know those little sounds quite well.

At three months I feel like it is time for me to strike a bit more balance in my life. Now that I am getting more sleep, I hope to find the time to jog. I really need to buckle down and work off that last bit of stomach, which includes me getting serious about no longer indulging every craving too. That pregnancy sweet tooth never really went away. I want to focus on our home more, cooking and creating a nice space for us. I hope to dive into work and I'd love to make stronger friendships. I realize that I'm just adding things in instead of taking anything else out, but I want to find a way to live a rich life down here in North Carolina. If nothing else, every day will be a success if I make sure to take advantage of every moment with my son.

Happy three months, Levi. You bring us more joy that you could know!

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