Friday, July 16, 2010

Herb and Dorothy

I watched the best documentary today entitled Herb and Dorothy (available as watch instantly on netflix). Its about a couple who, on their meager salaries, amassed one of the most extensive and important collection of conceptual and minimalist art from the New York scene, simply out of the love of the art. Over the span of 40 years, they somehow stuffed over 40,000 pieces in their one bedroom Manhattan apartment. They are certainly quirky, endearing, and have an eye for art like you've never seen. And they've never sold a single piece.

However, they've given much of their work to the National Gallery and established a program to give 50 pieces of their collection to 5o states each. So look up which institute in your state holds the "Vogel Collection."

Here is a nice trailer of the doc:

Herb and Dorothy Trailer from Herb and Dorothy on Vimeo.

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